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Space heaters for RV



Catalytic heaters are marvelous energy saving devices that heat the living space of the RV without using battery power. We recommend a choice of two sizes: Olympian Wave 3 or Wave 6.

The Wave 3 is a very compact 13" x 12" and only weighs 6 lbs. Heat adjusts from a low 1500 up to 3000 BTU. Large RVs (26' or more) may need two of these small heaters or you may supplement with the forced air furnace, especially during freezing nights. RVs under 25 ft. should do well with one in moderate climates.

The larger Wave 6 heats up to 6000 BTUs and is recommended for any RV that has wall space to fit the 18" x 13" heater. Portable legs with flex hose and quick disconnect make either heater space-friendly. They can be stored when not in use. The Wave 6 can keep you warm even if the forced air furnace is not on, however we have found it advantageous to set our furnace at 58º and when it comes on, it's only for a minute or two. This draws heated air into the plumbing spaces to prevent freezing and conserves propane and battery power as well. Heat output of the Wave 6 is comparable to a 1500 watt electric heater.

A catalytic heater uses only propane to heat with and requires no battery hook up. This feature alone will save electricity that can be used for lighting or TV (not wasted on running the furnace needlessly). In an emergency you can still keep warm should the RV battery go dead for some reason. A forced-air furnace will NOT work with a dead battery.

When using only one heater in a longer RV, you may want to direct heat up or down the length of the hallway. This can be accomplished with a swivel hinged mount for wall-hung heaters. Swivel hinged 4 way mounts are available at some camping supply stores.

Our HEATER HOOK UP KIT includes flexible hose, swivel "L" and adapter fittings for a safe installation. Before ordering, you will need to check for possible wall mounting locations or consider the portable method. Also measure distance to the propane source. Connection points are at the fridge, stove, furnace or water heater.

Minimum clearances to plastic covered walls or carpet need to be observed. There is no open flame to worry about, heat is radiant like an open oven door. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for safety in venting! Many RVers find that opening a roof vent only ½" allows enough air circulation without heat loss and prevents excess moisture condensation inside the RV.

Heating your RV can be simple and uncomplicated with a radiant heater. They won't drain your battery overnight like a forced-air furnace can. In fact, some, like our OLYMPIAN brand, use no electricity at all. They are very efficient and are low propane users. 100% of the heat energy is delivered into the living space. Catalytic heaters are safe to operate as no open flame is present to support combustion. Heat is radiated like sunshine, warming you and the surface of objects. It is then re-radiated to warm the entire area. In extra-cold climates, radiant heaters work well in conjunction with forced-air furnaces, reducing the amount of time the energy -hog furnace needs to run. One radiant heater of appropriate size is sufficient for most Rvs. Some Owners of large Rvs use two, directing the heat to different areas.

These heaters are real space savers and can be mounted on walls or cabinets or used as portables. They're simple to install and easily mounted flush on walls or cabinet doors. Flexible hose allows "hinging" the mount so heaters can be pointed as desired. Some Rvers use flexible hose, quick disconnects and optional mounting feet. When no longer needed, the unit can be stored. Radiant heaters are excellent heat sources, ideal companions to solar battery charging and significant aids to electrical independence when used alone or in combination with your present heater.


No battery drain.   No matches.   No venting.   No fumes


• Hang horizontal or vertical

• Fully adjustable from low heat up to 6,000 BTU

• Portable with optional legs

• Full three-year warranty

• Easy-to-use Piezo electric spark starter

• Factory tested & inspected prior to shipment

• Almost 100% Efficency



OLYMPIAN Wave 3 dimensions:   12" x 10" x 3" OLYMPIAN Wave 6 dimensions:   18" x 13" x 4"

FIXED PROPANE KIT and Instructions
PORTABLE KIT with legs and Quick Disconnect



Radiant heaters for RV significantly reduce propane consumption and the battery power used for heating when compared to what a forced-air furnace uses.

Your first step is to determine the size Olympian heater you need and, if you will be mounting it in a fixed location, find suitable wall or cabinet space. In most cases, you will be "tapping" an existing propane fitting for a gas source by disconnecting a "flare" fitting, inserting a "tee" and adapter, then running a line to the heater. You'll need various flared fittings as you bring gas to the heater. Many of the fittings needed for a standard installation can be found in any hardware store. Others, if you want to do the job properly, and safely, aren't readily available. We offer two kits that include the components need for fixed mount or portable mount propane installation:

Our FIXED HOOK-UP KIT provides fittings and instructions to accommodate 95% of all RVs without having to cut into your propane tubing. With our kit, total length from your propane source to the heater can measure up to 8 feet. It can be longer if you add 3/8" OD copper tubing and standard fittings available locally.

Our PORTABLE HOOK-UP KIT includes all the fittings in the fixed kit plus bolt-on legs so the heater is self supporting. A certified-for-propane Quick Disconnect fitting allows disassembly without the use of tools.


• You (or your certified installer) generally need only two wrenches for all fittings.

• Pipe fittings are sealed and partially pre-assembled for easy, safe installation.

PARTS INCLUDED:  3/8" Brass Flare "T", double-ended female flare fitting adapter, 24 inches of 3/8" OD copper tubing with flare fittings, 6 feet of flexible propane hose with fittings and a 90 degree flare swivel elbow. (The portable version adds the legs and quick disconnect.)

BEFORE ORDERING — Double check your mounting location and size of fittings at what will be propane source (existing fittings at fridge, furnace, water heater, etc.) Our fittings are not sold separately. Kits are not returnable.


Olymian Heater Propane Hook-up Kit


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