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Our Customers Say:

"I, just wanted to let you know that we have installed or system that we bought from you back in Feb of this year. It works flawlessly!! We get a real kick in the pants when dry camping for several days and our neighbors come over to ask about our lack of generator use! THANKS for your assistance in spec'ing out the "oversized" system that I wanted. WE LOVE IT!!

Sincerely, Joe"

Our  Parents Say:

"Noel and I enjoy using our motorhome while staying at remote locations. After about a week our water tank runs low, so we drive to a new location to fill up. On occasion we have stayed up to 3 weeks by being more conservative. While camping in the California Redwood Rain Forest, we ran the generator and inverter for a fast recharge, at 100 amps it doesn't take long. We also turn the inverter "off" at night or when not in use to conserve even that small bit of extra power.

We hope you have the opportunity to enjoy the benefits that a solar equipped RV has to offer by getting back to nature and going off the beaten path."

Barbara & Noel Kirkby  SKP # 752

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