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About Us

Welcome to RV Solar Electric


Our purpose is to offer you the information and equipment you need to be electrically independent in your recreational vehicle.  We have found RVing to be a wonderful lifestyle!  And, electrical independence adds freedom to your RVing life style and the freedom to go anywhere and live comfortably.

RV Solar Electric has been recognized since 1979 as a leading supplier of solar systems, AC inverters and other products. We specialize in RVs as the name implies. Our book RVer's Guide to Solar Battery Charging is sold by Alternative Energy dealers nationwide and is listed as a "must have" in major publications because it covers hard-to-answer questions people have about RV systems.


At RV Solar Electric, our commitment to you doesn't end with a sale; we work with you for your complete satisfaction.We are a Family Owned Business.  When delivered in Arizona, solar items are now state tax exempt.


Our Customers Say: "I, just wanted to let you know that we have installed or system that we bought from you back in Feb of this year. It works flawlessly!! We get a real kick in the pants when dry camping for several days and our neighbors come over to ask about our lack of generator use! THANKS for your assistance in spec'ing out the "oversized" system that I wanted. WE LOVE IT!!

Sincerely, Joe"

Customer Service

Toll free: (800)999-8520

Office Hours: 8:30 - 4:30 Mon-Fri, AZ Time