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History and Purpose of Escapees RV Club

The Escapees RV Club is dedicated to providing a total support network for people who travel, or dream of traveling, for extended periods in motor homes, 5th-wheels or travel trailers. Twenty years ago, in a monthly column they were writing for Woodall's RV Travel magazine, Joe and Kay Peterson agreed to start a club for full-time RVers. Its official birthday was July 4, l978. A 5-page newsletter was mailed in August 1978 to fewer than 100 members. Escapees now publishes an 88-page magazine for over 30,000 active member-families. The club adopted the logo of a house in a wagon as the Escapees trademark. It is used on all club documents, but more fanciful versions of a house in a wagon may be used by chapters for their individual chapter logos.

The purpose (mission) of Escapees is to provide a support network for RVers by fulfilling the RVer's three basic needs that are explained in the acronym S-K-P.

S stands for Support: Probably the greatest benefit of your membership is the friendships you will form with others who share your lifestyle. Support also includes all the services the club provides.

K stands for Knowledge: Many say that the knowledge they gain through reading the Escapees magazine more than pays their annual dues. Learning is also the keynote of Escapade rallies held twice a year.

P stands for Parking: One thing that makes Escapees different from other RV clubs is that they offer their members places to park and an opportunity to purchase or lease a lot for a home base in the Escapees network. Short-term free parking is available at Escapees parks for those who just want a safe place to stop for a few days.

The folks at RV Solar Electric Inc. have supported Escapees Club since 1980.
Noel and Barbara Kirkby are SKPs #752, Doug and Jane Kirkby are SKPs #814.


SKPs turn new 
faces into new friends!Cartoon by Anne Harris SKP#1052

phred's "Poop Sheets"

phred Tinseth #394 has been writing for Escapees Magazine since 1980, covering many subjects such as resources and source lists, batteries, inverters, buying an RV, sewage, water treatment, solar electric, handling moisture in an RV and others. These articles evolved into phred's "Poop Sheets" which now have 14 categories totaling 120 pages. They are available at for free reading and printing!

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